New Dual Mobility system in our portfolio

We are proud to announce that the Dual-Mobility system of the French company SERF has been added to our product range! With 45 years of implantation experience and clinical results, NOVAE acetabular components and Hype stems are finally available in Hungary exclusively in Sanatmetal’s portfolio.

Trust the original!

The NOVAE acetabular components and instruments are constantly evolving but they do not deviate from the two basic concepts which are based on orthopaedic principles formulated by Prof. Gilles Bosquet and Mr. André Rambert since 1974;

  • Sir Charnley’s low-friction principle, which recommends the use of a polyethylene insert of significant thickness and a femoral head of Ø 22.2 mm to minimize wear, and
  • McKee-Farrar principle, which recommends the use of a large femoral head to prevent dislocation and prosthetic instability.

Dual mobility is therefore based on the movement between the head and the insert (first) and between the insert and the cup (second).

The product falls under the classification ODEP10A, which is supported by years of clinical data.

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Should you have any questions regarding this product, feel free to reach out to your designated Sanatmetal representative without any hesitation!