Renewed interface on our KNOWLEDGE BASE page!

Our Knowledge base contains specific information concerning Sanatmetal’s products and their operations and usage but even marketing-related content can be obtained from it. Certain materials, such as our products IFUs, can be accessed freely, while other documents, such as surgical descriptions, are stored on a password-protected platform.

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Our improvements have been designed to enhance the user experience, making it easier and faster for our registered users to browse.

You can now find what you’re looking for in more ways:

1) Our most important documents are the Catalogues and the Surgical Descriptions, so these are easily accessible from the home page too.

2) Free word search – search by brand name, product name, document type

3) Select by Type and Category – with the help of drop-down list or icons on the home page


Why is it good to use the Knowledgebase?

– Available anywhere – on a desktop or mobile phone, anytime, supporting the work of partners, doctors and surgical staff.

– It is quick and easy to use, so it can even be viewed during surgery.

 Up-to-date materials – keeping up to date with the latest product changes, enabling partners, doctors and surgical staff to be as professional as possible.