Bone cement is now available in our hungarian product range, discover the Teknimed Gentafix range!


We are pleased to announce that Teknimed’s MDR certified bone cements – Gentafix3 MV and Gentafix 1&3 – are now available in our Hungarian portfolio!


Gentafix3 MV: for medium viscosity, vacuum cementation.

Gentafix 1: high viscosity, for manual cementation.

Gentafix 3: low viscosity for cementation with syringe or injection gun with optimum flowability.


The cements are designed for orthopaedic use, are radiation resistant, self-curing, and contain Gentamicin antibiotic which is effective against most bacteria. The antibiotic content of the cements has been optimised to guarantee long term release of the active ingredient to cure or prevent infections.


Benefits of the range:

– Mechanical properties above the ISO 5833 standard

– Low exothermicity in the default position

– Low monomer release

– Stable fixation of implants

– Barium sulphate as excellent radioprotective agent

– Easy to prepare with tray and spatula or in a vacuum mixing system