„At Sanatmetal we have been working for over half a century to improve the standard of peoples' lives with world-class medical products. In order to achieve the best results, we have developed our traumatology, spine surgery and dental implants as well as innovative diagnostic devices in cooperation with internationally renowned doctors and world-leading companies. Our industry-presence is characterized by openness and innovative thinking, we are constantly on the lookout for progress and cooperation opportunities. Besides, it is also extremely important to us to offer our over 300 employees a secure and likeable workplace that is a pleasure to work at every day in order to achieve our common goal, which is to make peoples' lives easier.”

József Farkas

Managing director

Our Mission

To improve the quality of life as an international family business besides generating profit that ensures continuous renewal!

In order to achieve this, we:

  • Work with national and international knowledge centres, leading multinational companies
  • Develop world-class traumatology, spine and dental implants as well as joint replacement prostheses
  • Help prevent senseless death cases by developing innovative diagnostic devices
  • Spread our knowledge in the form of technology transfer as well as an investor.

This mission can be carried out if:

  • Our customers and partners are satisfied
  • Our employees grow mentally and physically and live happily off the salary we provide them
  • The national and international environment recognize our activities.


We provide quality products and services


We are leading innovators in healthcare

Company stability

Building an economically strong, stable company

Brand building

Building a strong company and employer brand


Becoming one of the key players amongst the top 40 trauma-orthopaedics companies in the EU

Social responsibility

At Sanatmetal, we, as members of a responsible company, actively support the health-preservation of society at large and place emphasis on working in harmony with our environment.

During our operations, wherever it is possible, we employ environmentally friendly technologies and encourage our colleagues to protect the environment. The quality of our products, besides their material and physical parameters, is guaranteed by planning, manufacturing and quality-control practices in accordance with EU regulations, our aim being to offer people a higher quality of life. We also stress health-promotion, regularly give blood, offer free ECG measurement with our WIWE device in elderly care facilities and support talented sportspeople.

It is our top-priority to promote the natural sciences amongst the younger generations, especially the secondary-school pupils. To this end, our colleagues regularly give specific lectures to classes interested.

We are convinced that these all will contribute to protecting our environment and educating the public on health-consciousness.

Our History

Our leaders

József Farkas

Holding & Sanatmetal Managing Director

Péter Farkas

Member of the Board

Emese Farkas

Member of the Board

Ákos Szabó

R&D & Technical & IMS Director

Ibolya Kovács

Holding Financial Director

Ágota Szinku

Holding HR Director

Viktória Kriston

Marketing and Operations Director

Éva Paulóné Marsal

Supply Chain Director

Zsolt Majoros

Factory Director


Our Certificates