Opening up to the market with Russian products

Dear Partner,

Opening up to the market with Russian products

Our Russian subsidiary has reached another milestone, which is the registration of trauma and hip products after knee products. It means that Sanatmetal CIS products are qualified as Russian products, so they will have an advantage on the Russian market over foreign products and also  higher demand is expected on the Eurasian market as well.

We opened our Russian factory last June in Obninsk. Sanatmetal had been present on the local market for 15 years by then, our trauma products were popular in the country. In order to increase our market share further, we established our Russian subsidiary.

Obtaining the mentioned registrations is the end of the investment process.

Until obtaining the certification, only semi-finished products were allowed to be manufactured in the Russian factory, but from now on ,we will have license for all production processes and so our products already feature the inscription ’made in Russia’. It is important, because the Russian government decided few years ago, that Russian hospitals should prefer domestic manufacturers. Sanatmetal was an importing company with narrowed options in the region so far, but now a new opportunity has opened up for us in the market. The long-term goal is to increase the company’s 3-5 percent market share in Russia to 15-20 percent, and based on feedback we have received so far, we also expect growth in Eurasian market orders.

Obtaining registration had been preceded by strict inspections, so the certificate guarantees that the products produced in the Russian plant are of the same high quality as those produced in the mother company’s plant in Eger. The Russian plant can produce the full range of Sanatmetal products, but we are focused on meeting the needs of the local market. There are many products that will continue to be imported from Eger or arrive as semi-finished products into the Russian factory, but if it is needed, further capacity expansion is possible in the future.

Sanatmetal is a 100% Hungarian-owned company belonging to TOP-20 Europe list, and it has a more than 50 years histroy. The company is the certified manufacturer of traumatological, spinal and dental implants, hip and knee prostheses, numerous instruments and the WIWE mini ecg. device. The technology and culture of the company has been developed by the three leading multinational companies and also the BSI, FDA, Anvisa, Certiso and other national audits. The Russian plant operates as a Sanatmetal site, so manufacturing processes and all other processes are the same as in Hungary.

Kind regards,

Emese Farkas
Marketing Director