Russian Minister of Health at Sanatmetal

Szkvorcova Veronika Minister of Health of the Russian Federation, participates in a factory visit at SANATMETAL Ltd’s Eger site.

The Russian Minister of Health, who will arrive at the meeting of the Hungarian-Russian Intergovernmental Economic Cooperation Committee (KKB) on November 22, 2018, will participate in a factory visit at Sanatmetal Ltd. in Eger on November 21.

The Eger-based medical technology company has been present on the Russian market for more than 15 years. Its traumatologic products are known and popular in Russia. They have already received such a appreciative feedback for their intramedullary nailing and instrumentation for its accuracy that it works like “Kalashnikov”.

Almost every nation in the world seeks its own care at home, such as in Russian health care. Sanatmetal’s technology is a combination of the technologies of three multinational companies and many Hungarian innovations. On July 4 this year, the new Sanatmetal plant in Obninsk was opened in Russia. With the establishment of the factory, the Hungarian-owned medium-sized enterprise Sanatmetal Kft carried out a technology transfer .

Sanatmetal Ltd. is a totally Hungarian-owned company among the TOP-20 companies in Europe, has a history of more than 50 years in its profile. The company is the qualified manufacturer and innovator of several traumatologic, spine and dental implants, hip and knee prostheses, their instruments and the WIWE mini ECG. The company’s technology and culture have been developed by the world’s leading three multinational companies as strategic partners, as well as BSI, FDA, Anvisa and other national audits.

The plant in Russia operates as Sanatmetal’s site, so the production processes and all other processes are the same as in Hungary. With the construction of the plant in Russia, Sanatmetal’s economic goal is to increase its market share in Russia and enter the Eurasian market. The parent company is a recognized player in the global market and is still a strategic partner of multinational companies. The company is certified by BSI and the US FDA, among others.

The raw materials used come from Western Europe, Japan and the United States, and the same will be used by the Russian subsidiary. The quality of their production processes and products meets the requirements of the European and American standards, which are regularly inspected by the audit authorities.

2018.11. 21
Farkas Emese
Sanatmetal Kft., marketing igazgató