Events follow each other in Russia

Dear Partner,

Events follow each other in Russia

Sanat Academy in Obninsk  – Among the various goals of the foundation established by Sanatmetal Ltd. medical training is clearly at the forefront. The key motivation behind establishing the Sanat Academy is that surgeons can help their patients by achieving the best possible results using our world-class products.

After launching in Szeged the next Sanat Academy workshop took place in Obninsk, Russia (Sanatmetal factory) on June 27, 2019. Prof. Dr. Endre Varga trained 25 Russian traumatologists about the MAGIC nailing and Vortex Plate System.


Eurasian Orthopedic Forum

After the Sanat Academy day we were exhibitors at the Eurasian Orthopedic Forum, which was organised for the second time in Moscow, on 28-29 June. More than 5,000 medical experts from 80 countries gathered together for sharing results and experiences achieved in different medical fields through lectures, symposiums, workshops and scientific debates.

Prof. Dr. Endre Varga gave a lecture with title “Sanatmetal Symposium” about the Sanatmetal product-benefits. We  would like to thank him for contributing to the successful completion of the event.


Great news! Milestone! Successful audit at Sanatmetal CIS Ltd.

At our Sanatmetal CIS Ltd. plant two delegated auditors of the EU assigned notified body, CE Certiso, performed an audit based on the ISO 13485:2016 standard (93/42/EEC Directive and the 4/2009. (III.17) Health Ministry Regulation), an internationally accepted standard that sets out the requirements for a quality management system specific to the medical devices industry.


As a result of the successful audit it is finally possible to provide the Russian market with the products manufactured in Obninsk, moreover the export towards the European market can be even realized.

The constant development and international presence of the company help us to provide high quality, safe and high performing implants and surgical instruments for our partners and patients.

Kind regards,

Emese Farkas
Sales and Marketing Director