Product portfolio expansion in orthopaedic

Dear Partner!

We are glad to inform you about some joyful professional news of 2020. In order to meet the growing market demands, Sanatmetal Ltd. has expanded its product portfolio in orthopaedics by expanding its range of hip prosthesis systems.

Summerized the feedback of the Hungarian partners, the international medical professionals, and based on prosthetic guidelines, Sanatmetal Ltd. has developed the larger head components, a cobalt-chrome alloyed (CoCr) head components and a Gamma ray treated UHMWPE, highly cross-linked polyethylene (HXLPE) based cups and liners.
As a response to the professional challenges, we have expanded the size of the femoral heads, now available in sizes 36 – 40.

This was needed to reduce dislocation propensity, because larger sphere diameter results less likely luxation.
As a second step, we developed the system of highly cross-linked polyethylene based cups and liners to which a standard wear test (ISO 14242-1) was assigned.

At a mechanical test in Germany, the measured cycle number was 5 million and the average wear on Sanatmetal HXLPE pads was 2.11 mg / million cycles (average deviation 0.40 mg).
It is a great pleasure for us, that HXLPE components have been ranked among the best in the world by one of the world’s most renowned testing laboratories, ENDOLAB.

So from 2020 onwards, Sanatmetal Kft. will use two types of raw materials for cemented cups and cementless liners:
  • ISO 5834-2, Type 1 UHMWPE- polyethylene
  • ISO 5834-2, HXL-UHMWPE- polyethylene

Last but not least, we announce the addition of CoCr-based head components to Sanatmetal’s product portfolio:in addition to the former high nitrogen content REX steel, cobalt chrome heads are now available according to the following table:

The table with catalog-numbers associated with the orthopedic range expansion can be downloaded by clicking the button below: 


For more information, please contact the responsible commercial contact of Sanatmetal Kft!

Best regards,

Viktória Kriston
Sanat Academy Director