Swing cementless knee prosthesis



A complete knee prosthesis system which provenly reduces postoperative pain. The product is present on the market since 2007 with more than 20000 implantations. Primary system has 155 degrees of flexion, with a possibility to nail the periimplantatic fractures with its high intercondylar design. The system is complete with CR, PS and CC versions and we thought of metal and cement allergic patients with the titanium nitride and cementless versions. Swing revision is possible in partial or full with the CC system. The cementless Swing prosthesis with its double coated surface (Titanium plasma and Hydroxy-apatite) guarantees the long term bone integration and the reliable secondary stability. Tiba components offer further fixation possibilities. The same instrument set can be used with cemented and cementless applications. We offer this system for younger patients with a healthy bone structure.