Our instructors

Our instructors are from among representatives of the following 3 specialty areas: traumatology, orthopaedics and spine surgery.

First the trauma tutor-panel was formed by the cooperation of the four Hungarian medical universities, based on the following criteria for candidate medical professionals: to already have a specialty exam; rhetorical skills; excellent level of English; and motivation for becoming a tutor and passing on knowledge and skills.

After the formation of the trauma-panel, orthopaedic and spine surgery instructors also joined based on the same criteria, and again, we were aiming for cooperation with Hungarian universities.

Not long after the establishment of the Academy in 2019, we can proudly say that already nearly 25 traumatology expert instructors, 8 orthopaedic instructors and 3 spine surgeons have joined our organization. One of the main efforts of the coming next few years will the continuous enlargement of the circle of tutors by engaging both Hungarian and international experts.