Sanat Academy’s results in 2020

Dear Partner!


Although the 2020 plans of the Sanat Academy educational organization – established in 2019 – have been also changed by the pandemic, we improved and supported our Partners in a number of areas with our work. We would like to summarize the 2020’s work of the organisation, starting with the fact that we developed the image of the Sanat Academy and we also prepared the brochure about the organization. It is a special pleasure for us that the Sanat Academy has its own subpage on the new Sanatmetal website.


Education, training

Unfortunately the first year of the Academy was significantly affected by the Covid-19, because due to the pandemic we were unable to hold any of our planned foreign or domestic trainings. Regardless of all these, it has a huge significance that Sanat Academy obtained the accreditation of its first scoring medical courses in Hungary, which were filled even before the resignation and which we can hopefully replace in 2021.
Adapting to the new situation caused by the pandemic, we organized three online trainings for foreign partners last year (reaching 20-25 countries with 50-100 participants).

Training materials

We also tried to improve the number and quality of educational material, so we updated many existing documents and a lot of new materials were prepared too:
– The nailing, plating and the general traumatology catalogues have been renewed and updated in Hungarian and English.
– Compass MIS and OPEN transpedicular spinal screwing and Sanat-E hip prosthesis surgical descriptions were completed in Hungarian and in English; CFF, Castle, Respace and Emerald cage surgical descriptions were prepared in English; Sanat Swing CC revision knee replacement, Swing knee prosthesis, Magic Humerus nailing and Magic Trochanter nailing surgical descriptions were updated as well.
– 6 new surgical videos are now available as a result of the cooperation with our doctor partners: Sanat-E hip prosthesis; ConeTact cementless hip prosthesis; Swing knee prosthesis; Magic Trochanter nailing; Magic Humerus nailing and Vortex Proximal Humerus plating.
– We alreadly have 5 workshop videos: Sirtalis cerclage system; Vortex Proximal Humerus plating; Magic Trochanter nailing; Magic Humerus nailing and ConeTact instrument workshops.
– There were prepared competition analyses on the following topics: trochanter nailing; humerus nailing, tibia nailing; distal radius plating; proximal humerus plating; distal femur plating; proximal tibial plating; distal tibia plating; hand and foot surgical plates; hip prosthesis; knee prosthesis; transpedicular spinal screwing and cages.
– We have made general training materials under the title “What could go wrong?” which contains principles for implant usage and also a document was made entitled FAQ of Prosthesis manufacturing.
– A combined tray gallery was made, which show the several tray levels regarding to the Sanatmetal instrument kits for helping those who work with our instruments.
– 300 new product photos were taken about Sanatmetal products, which can be used by our Partners in connection with educational and marketing activities.
– Traumatology, orthopaedics and spine textbooks were prepared in Hungarian and in English for Hungarian and international doctor visitors and technical staff who are dealing with Sanatmetal products, which textbooks are made for giving the basic knowledge.
Scientific work
We joined to several research topics in 2020, which studies are based on long-term and prospective data collection, so we expect scientific results from them at the end of 2021, early 2022.
We are very proud to have published a scientific article in the journal Joint Diseases and Related Surgery about a 10-year follow-up results of our Sanat Swing knee prosthesis. It is always a great pleasure for us if – our implants, in this case – the reliability of the Sanatmetal knee prosthesis is confirmed by follow-up data as well.

Last year we also conducted a special customer satisfaction survey among our Partners (specialized to education and marketing activity), which we try to repeat every six months. We hope that our development is experienced by our Partners as well, and we hope that we can even increase our support activities in 2021!

In connection with the completed educational materials, please feel free to contact your Sanatmetal sales representative or register on the website, where after the registration you will get an access to all of the uploaded documents with your own password!

Best regards,

Viktória Kriston
Sanat Academy Director