NEW PRODUCT – Our Compass transpedicular spinal stabilization system received CE mark!

Dear Partner!

Despite the challenges caused by the COVID-19 of the recent months, Sanatmetal Ltd. continued it’s innovative development work effectively, so we are very happy to announce that one of our outstanding R&D projects has been completed: the development and licensing process of the Compass spine stabilization system.


We strived for the best for the ideal solution!

Compass is a complex and high interchangeability system of rigid and non-rigid spinal stabilization with a modular instrument set for open rigid, open non-rigid and percutaneous rigid surgical techniques. It provides patented non-rigid fixation with element wires which facilitate micro movements. The Compass implant system competes with the most modern spinal implants from all over the world and has outstanding features such as HeadLock technique. This is a surgical maneuver that allows parallel distraction and compression (closing poliaxial screw and poliaxial head of the screw without fixing them to the rod). In addition, Compass screws are cannulated, polyaxial and self-tapping, moreover the cement augmentation can be achieved through them, as the screw implant is fenestrated. You can find more specific details about the benefits of the product in the newest Sanatmetal leaflet:


During the 2-year R&D project, in cooperation with Hungarian spinal surgery institutes and consultant doctors, our intent was to made Compass by rethink the most modern features of the currently available spinal implants and adding unique Hungarian innovation.
Meeting the strict standard requirements, we performed the tests of the mechanical load-bearing capacity of the Compass (ASTM F1798; ASTM F1717) at the Bay Zoltán Research Institute, when nearly 200 tests were done. The results showed that this Sanatmetal system fits, what is more even surpasses the value of the current world-leading multinational products.


As a result of the hard work of our excellent engineers and consultant doctors, nearly 350 pcs new spinal implants’ and 100 pcs spinal instruments’ catalog numbers were created, and 229 pcs R&D documents were prepared as part of the authorization procedure.
We are happy that the operations with Compass are already underway, to the greatest satisfaction of our partners.

The first Sanat Academy trainings in the subject of spinal stabilization and Compass’ initial clinical experience will be organized in the next six months for those who are interested in spinal surgeries. Until then, please do not hesitate to contact your Sanatmetal sales representataive for more information about the product!

Compass – For the ideal solution!

Best regards,

Viktória Kriston
Sanat Academy Director