Innovation in focus

Innovation is a key value in our company’s life and to further support that our office in Budapest has welcomed two new research development engineers. We believe these talented young people play an important role in Sanatmetal’s development, that is why we strongly support ideas coming from any colleague. We feel that with out of the box thinking we can reach new levels. For this reason in our factory we have a Kaizen-wall which provides an easy way for coworkers to share their ideas. If the Kaizen-committee finds it useful the mastermind behind it can count on an additional benefit.

We also believe that supporting the new generation and young minds outside the company is essential. We are a proud sponsor of the National Science and Innovation Olympics, which is one of Hungary’s biggest competition supporting young inventors and scientist between the age of 14-20.

86 competitions made it to the second round, from which 36 is scientific research and the purpose of the other 50 is to develop a new procedure or tool. Hereby we would like to congratulate all the participants and wish the qualified teams an efficient work for the upcoming period.

The first three competitors has the opportunity to represent Hungary in the EU finals where they can perform their ideas and work results. Every year approximately 25,000 young talents takes part in the competition from 37 different countries.

The most effective year for the Hungarian participants was 2003, when they earned a 1st and a 2nd place, and also got 2 special awards. We hope this year will be just as successful and that in the near future we will be able to experience the benefits of the work of these amazing young minds and perhaps welcome them as one of our own in Sanatmetal Ltd.