Looking back to the year 2023

Our company closed the past year with outstanding results. We are delighted to share Sanatmetal’s milestones for 2023.

Thanks to an energy investment, 26% of the total annual consumption of our Eger headquarters is now generated from renewable energy sources. Our factory has undergone a complete facade insulation and window replacement to improve our energy consumption.

We are proud to have been awarded the Telekessy István Regional Development Award for our outstanding, forward-looking performance in regional and rural development. In addition, we were awarded the title of Modern Sample Factory in 2022, which we retained in 2023 thanks to our innovative Industry 4.0 solutions.

Thanks to an excellent partnership with a history of more than 10 years, in the autumn of 2023, the Eger-based Sanatmetal Ltd. and our South African distributor partner jointly established Sanatmetal South Africa, opening up new opportunities for both companies.

In the past year, new partners have placed their trust in us, and we are now present in nearly 50 countries around the world. In 2023, distributors from all over the world have joined our distribution network: Taiwan, Belarus, Peru, Guatemala, Germany, Switzerland, Georgia.

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, we are able to meet the needs with an ever-expanding product offering. In 2023, we expanded our portfolio with Dual Mobility and bone cement.

In 2023, we were present at several national and international trade fairs, including MOT – Eger, MTT – Szeged, EFORT – Vienna, Arab Health – Dubai and SAOA – Cape Town.

With the support of Sanatmetal, the Sanat Academy organises training courses for medical specialists every year, and in 2023 it was no exception.

In Hungary, we have held 3 accredited courses, which included the first accredited course on spinal stabilisation. Internationally, we also travelled to Colombia, Latin America, where we were able to conduct the first cadaver training in the history of the Academy.

Once again, many of our foreign distributors’ doctors visited us in Eger, where, as usual, the Academy’s trainers gave training sessions to groups from Libya, Tunisia, Spain, Portugal and Mexico, among others.

During the exhibitions and trainings, we reached nearly 300 doctors and employed 20 Sanat Academy instructors.

Innovation and continuous development are important to us, so this year we have been actively working to provide the most user-friendly systems for our customers. In 2023, we worked on the development of the Magic Trochanter nail, the Pannon and ConeTact hip replacement system, the Compass, the Emerald and the CFF cage spine instrument sets, among others.


We thank our partners for their cooperation throughout the year and hope to achieve similar success together in 2024!