Sanat Academy launched in Szeged, Hungary

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Sanat Academy launched in Szeged, Hungary
Sanatmetal Ltd. has launched its Sanat Academy, because we believe that even the most excellent medical devices can only be fully effective in the hands of highly qualified surgeons. This idea was demonstrated at the first event organized by Sanat Academy at the Experimenting Section of the Hungarian Surgical Society on 13, June 2019, in Szeged, Hungary.

Among the various goals of the foundation established by Sanatmetal Ltd. medical training is clearly at the forefront. One of the initial themes of our course in Szeged was the MAGIC Trochanter nailing and operating instrument, which is a forward-looking solution with its world-unique features. As part of the program, Prof. Dr. Endre Varga, Dr. Norbert Wiegand, Dr. István Flóris and Dr. Béla Turchányi provided the methodological training for the instructors and introduced Magic Trochanter. These instructors have successfully passed the end-of-training test and they also have excellent English language skills and presentational skills.

The next workshop organized by Sanat Academy will take place in Obninsk, Russia (Sanatmetal factory) on June 27, 2019. Prof. Dr. Endre Varga will tutor more than 20 Russian traumatologists and the training will be followed by another one in Thailand.
It is important for us that traumatologists and surgeons can help their patients by achieving the best possible results using our world-class products. This was the foremost motivation behind establishing the Sanat Academy which has already created a training base for its 22 traumatologists with the participation of Pécs, Szeged, Debrecen University and doctors and heads of departments from the National Institute of Accident Surgery. It is planned that the orthopaedic and spinal surgery instructor-base will soon be established too.
Sanatmetal was among the first to respond to the government’s decision to declare the Hungarian health industry a strategic division and to increase Hungarian export and the use of Hungarian products in Hungary, including implants, which represent our main profile. A project has been developed to make Hungary, Eger, an international training centre for traumatology, orthopaedics and spine surgery. An important tool of this project is the Sanat Academy, which has recently debuted in Szeged. Our aim is to contribute to the innovative procedures of traumatology, orthopaedics, spinal and dental surgery and to the scientific knowledge of those working in these fields at national and international level, thus enhancing the high level of education in the field of relevant medical sciences. Sanatmetal Ltd. trains hundreds of foreign doctors and operating personnel each year in order to ensure the proper use of our products.
We believe that Hungary can play a defining role in our filed not only in our geographical proximity but also in the world’s health industry. We are striving to play a leading role among small and medium-sized enterprises in our profile and the internationally trained doctors who are already active participants of the Sanat Academy will surely provide the perfect backdrop to that.
About the company
Eger-based Sanatmetal is one of the strongest and most successful middle-sized tool-manufacturing company of Hungary. Our products, traumatological implants, hip and knee prostheses, spine implants are internationally recognized. The company is amongst the mid-range of EU TOP 40 players and it has several subsidiaries (Turkish, Romanian, Russian) and it has recently opened its first manufacturing plant in Obninsk, Russia. Furthermore, it is a strategic partner and supplier of Zimmer-Biomet, the US multinational company that is no2  in the world in its profile.
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