10 years ago, our Vortex polyaxial plating system was awarded the Innovation Grand Prize!

The Innovation Grand Prize is awarded every year by the Hungarian Innovation Association, with a panel of experts invited by the Foundation’s Board of Trustees serving as the jury. These awards mirror the advancements within the Hungarian economy and recognize the companies leading the way with innovative solutions.

Sanatmetal was honored with the Innovation award for its state-of-the-art polyaxial plate system in 2014.  The company has created a world-class family of implants that form a system with a wide range of indications, yet are simple and effective to use, enabling the uncompromised treatment of bone fractures.

Featuring over 30 plate types and just 3 bolt diameters the system provides a comprehensive solution for the entire body, allowing to maintain a transparent and easy-to-manage stock. A defining feature is the Vortex plate-bolt connection, providing full clamping degrees of liberty, giving +-15 degrees of freedom to access all fractions. In addition, the transparent and colour-coded tool kit is specifically designed to enhance operator efficiency with its simplicity and comprehensiveness.

The anodised titanium plateing system has been given a several features to improve patient safety and to speed up the healing process; the edges of the plates are rounded for soft tissue protection, the near-joint sections are thinned and the ends of the self-tapping screws are blunted. Additionally, for the larger plates, X-ray permeable carbon targeting arms enable a minimally invasive surgical technique.

The Sirtalis cerclage system, designed to complement Vortex plates, enables the treatment of peri-implant and peri-prosthetic fractures while compression can be achieved through the combined holes on the plate stems. These functionalities all reflect the versatility of the system, which ultimately aids in patient rehabilitation.

The evidence presented clearly demonstrates why Sanatmetal rightfully earned the Innovation Grand Prize for its medical device. With its Vortex plating system solutions, the company consistently upholds world-class quality, thereby contributing day after day to our mission of improving the quality of human life.