We are looking for partners to expand our portfolio

Innovation is a mission of Sanatmetal, we wish to improve the quality of life with the most modern, world-class products. This goal has been constant for decades and now we have decided to share our knowledge as a “business angel” and continue to increase with selected partners together.

Our company is one of the 20 largest European companies in its own segment, we spend 10-12% of our annual revenue on innovation. Thanks to this vision, we created a new diagnostic business 4 years ago, its first product is the WIWE device (mywiwe.com), which measures a clinical ECG anywhere, anytime, and it evaluates without medical help. The device is distributed in many countries.

Now, we are looking for startups as well as pioneering companies with new ideas in the medical technology industry, with whom we can expand our company’s portfolio and the number of  our innovations. We can provide our contacts, experience and production technology for the applicant and selected companies.

We are also looking for platforms through which the demand and supply side meet, so they provide an opportunity to access a database of medical startups and get to know these companies more deeply.

If you are interested in this opportunity, do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible! We believe that together, with open thinking, we can provide further innovation that facilitates human life and improves the quality of life!

Contact: Réka Sebestyén, sreka@sanatmetal.hu