We support with education

Dear Partners,

We are currently living in unprecedented times as the coronavirus-crisis created an extraordinary situation and brought new challenges for all over the world  including Hungary. The safety and health of our colleagues and partners are primarily important for us however at the same time we are committed to doing our best to continue our educational activities in order to help and support our partners.

Therefore Sanat Academy continued its educational activities within the framework of online training and launched online sessions for distributors.

Main topics:
– Traumatology: nailing (MAGIC family) and plating (Vortex plate system)
– Orthopaedic: hip (Pannon) and knee protetics (Sanat Swing)

From 15 countries more than 40 participants applied for our trainings, 16 professional courses were available for them. The time zones between the participating countries challenged us as we should have faced with 12 hour time differences.

Distributors, colleagues, partners participated on the online sessions from all over the world, such as from Russia, Thailand, Vietnam, Jordan, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Ecuador, Ivory Coast, South Africa, Lithuania, Cyprus, etc.– covering the distance between these countries would take about 4 and a half years on foot.  

Fortunately due to online education platforms we could cover this distance easily.
Thank you so much for all of our Distributors, Colleagues, Partners for their enthusiasm and participation!

We believe that we can get back to the usual work methods soon.

Take care of ourselves and each other!

Best regards,
Viktória Kriston
Sanat Akademy Director