Vortex Proximal Tibia plate



The Vortex polyaxial plate system offers solutions for the whole body with 30 plates and only 3 screws and also ensures cross-referencing between instruments.

The Vortex Proximal Tibia (VPT) plate is a lateral proximal tibia plate. A side specific head targeting device helps identifying the predetermined directions of screws on the head and the instruments include a radiolucent minimally invasive targeting arm. The plate can be combined with all members Sirtalis cerclage system.

Key advantages:
– polyaxial locking plate system with step free screw insertion in 30 degrees cone
– maximum 3 times correction possibilities upon wrongly determined screw direction
– thinned head, the implant does not irritate soft tissues close to the joint
– rounded contours to protect soft tissues
– plate is capable of minimally invasive surgical technique
– self-tapping but blunt headed screws
– reliable anodized titanium raw material