Vortex Diaphysis plates – Large

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The Vortex polyaxial plate system offers solutions for the whole body with 30 plates and only 3 screws and also ensures cross-referencing between instruments.

The Vortex DiaphysisLarge (VDP Large) plates are for the fixation of large tubular bone fractures with a radiolucent minimally invasive targeting system is also available. Single line, double line of screws and bent plate are all available and can be combined with all members Sirtalis cerclage system.

Key advantages:
– polyaxial locking plate system with step free screw insertion in 30 degrees cone
– maximum 3 times correction possibilities upon wrongly determined screw direction
– thinned head, the implant does not irritate soft tissues close to the joint
– rounded contours to protect soft tissues
– plate is capable of minimally invasive surgical technique
– self-tapping but blunt headed screws
– reliable anodized titanium raw material