Our Goal

The Academy’s field of activity is rather far-reaching. Besides organizing national and international trainings, we also produce high-standard training materials. This is done with the idea of contributing to the continuous progress of resident doctors starting out on their careers, doctors with substantial experience and surgical nurses while also contributing to the mastering of proper surgical techniques of Sanatmetal’s products by bringing in the panel of tutors at Sanat Academy on training.

Furthermore, we also aim to support the scientific work of medical professionals. We announce publication tenders in retrospective and prospective research topics concerning specialist fields in traumatology, orthopaedics and spine surgery. Our aim is, on the one hand, to support the research activities of specialist doctors, on the other hand to create the system of evidence-based training within the Academy.

Last, but not least, the Academy takes responsibility for making the listed written and video supporting materials, publications, articles available for doctors and patients in our Knowledge Base so that more and more people could deepen their scientific knowledge concerning surgery techniques in traumatology, orthopaedics and spine surgery.